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    公司簡介 公司動態 經理致辭 配送中心 下屬企業 企業榮譽 集團網站
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      Qingdao Zhongkangyuan Agricultural product Company Ltd. is transformed from Qingdao Vegetable & Non-staple Foodstuff Company. It has been involved in the “Shopping Basket Program” and is one of the first suppliers that the government-initiated “Sunshine Food Program” has recommended. The business volume has been surging at such a fast clip that it was elected as the “Outstanding Unit in the Qingdao Shopping Basket Program and Tri-greening Project” in 2003. By far, it has formed a vegetable operation system; a market operation management system based on Chengyang Liuting flea market, as well as a marketing agents network constituted by a variety of outlets focusing on sales of vegetables, fruits, condiment and aquatic products. Therefore, the company has become an important part of Qingdao’s “Shopping Basket Program”. In the spirit of enterprise and innovation as well as the business philosophy featured by priority on quality and services, we are earnestly promoting the development of non-polluted agricultural products and exploring the modern modes of logistic distribution.
      Tel:0532-85655026 fax:0532-85655026

    Company Profile
    Qingdao Zhongkangyuan Vegetable & Non-Staple Foodstuff Logistics Distribution Center (the original Fushun Road Retail Market of Vegetable and Non-staple Foodstuff Logistics Distribution Center) is affiliated to Zhongkangyuan Agricultural product Company, Ltd. Being a professional processor and distributor in this field, it is one of the first suppliers that the “Sunshine Food Program” has recommended. It has built a modern inspection laboratory for non-polluted vegetable, which is responsible for the inspection and testing of non-polluted vegetable as designated by the Monitoring and Inspection Center of Qingdao “Shopping Basket Program”. Thus we can ensure the food security of our consumers and have successfully accomplished the supply of vegetable and non-staple foodstuff for receptions for such important occasions as Foreign Ministers’ Meeting of Asia Cooperation Dialogue.
    For years, the center has been adhering to honesty and trust as the corporate philosophy and putting primary emphasis on healthiness and service. The business connections are widely ranged from governmental agencies, to universities and industries and hotels, among them are Qingdao municipal government, Shibei district government, Qingdao Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation, Qingdao University, Ocean University of China, Qingdao Iron and Steel Group, Qingdao Haijing Chemical (Group) Co. Ltd., Haitian Hotel, etc. The center has formed a complete operational system involving production, processing, inspection and testing, and distribution.
    The center has its own dedicated distribution vehicles as well as professional personnel in processing and purchasing. We exercise strict sanitary standards on the distribution vehicles as required by the “Shopping Basket Program”. The vehicles enjoy the privileged “green channels”. They are not subject to non-traffic time limit and the restriction on "Even and Odd" license plates ending numbers does not apply, thus ensuring the timely and efficient transportation.
    The distribution center will upgrade the traditional operational methods of agricultural product market and explore a path of operation that incorporates sale, storage and processing. Taking advantage of its years of experience in circulation of agricultural products and preferable transport and facilities, the center is striving to be the transfer hub of North-South vegetable transit. The center then will become an integrated distribution center that is capable of purchasing, selecting, rating, sorting, cleaning, processing, packaging and export. The center is also enthusiastic about modern operational methods including distribution, bidding and e-commerce.
    Service Commitments:
    We especially commit ourselves to the following terms, and would like to put ourselves under the supervision of the whole community:
    1.Quality of vegetable: safety, high quality, reassurance and non-pollutedness.
    2.Quality of non-staple foodstuff. The non-staple foodstuff is produced by the factories designated by the “Shopping Basket Program” or other qualified factories. We can assure the consumers that we never sell fake, shoddy and disqualified foodstuff.
    3.Quantity of commodities: in conformity to the real weight.
    The weight of commodities is subject to the acceptance check by clients at the place of delivery.
    4.Time of delivery: just in time and indemnity for delay.
    The time of delivery is decided as required by clients. In any case where the delivery is delayed, the clients can claim for compensation at the rate of 10 percent of the payment for the goods.
    5.Pricing of commodities: sales at honest and marked price.
    Based on the daily quotation at the Fushun Road Retail Market of Vegetable and Non-staple Foodstuff, the prices can be negotiated. It has been always the principle of the company to sell at the most favorable prices.
    6.Quality of services: utmost satisfaction to clients.
    We make the full satisfaction of clients the ultimate goal of our operations. We will track and revisit clients for feedback. In any case where clients are not satisfied with us, we will reexamine and improve our services in no time. We will provide as quality, convenient and valuable services to clients as possible.
    It is our sincere hope that we can establish long-term cooperative relations with others for the mutual interest of both sides. In order to make good our commitments, we would like to negotiate supply contracts with clients in the form of mortgage.

    Tel: 86-532-85631780
    Fax: 86-532-85655026
    Email address: zky@zhongkangyuan.com
    Website: www.jingruihuojia.com
    Post: 266033
    Address: No.11 Ha Er Bin Road,Qing Dao,Shan Dong,China
    青島市眾康源農產品有限公司 版權所有 松際農網設計制作
    郵政地址:青島市哈爾濱路11號 郵政編碼:266041
    聯系電話:0532-85655026 Email:webmasterzhongkangyuan.com